The Ominous Dark


The server nicknamed "The Ominous Dark - Relaxed" is created by Combichrist from "The Ominous Dark" Group.

As of 2/18, the pack is still in beta and being tested on a dedicated serverr. It's an i5 2300 with 16 gigs of
ram and 2TB of SSD disk Space. The server is on a 100 mbps pipeline. It is currently on a Debian 7 OS as well.

If you are reading this, it means you were invited to the group and the server for testing and playing.
The rule is simple, "Don't be a dick". We are all grown ups, we all want to enjoy modded minecraft.
Pranks? Sure. A bit of mischief? Hell yeah! Being a dick and destructive? No way. Just that simple.
There are no in-game Ops. No one has any abilities over anyone else, including combi. If there
is an issue, it will be fixed or handled on the backend.

Some of us stream on twitch, beam, etc. If you do NOT want to be a part of a stream or on it, make sure to
not join the discord channel a streamer may be in. If you are streaming, just let them know so they have a
chance to leave if they don't want to be involved. This also goes with youtube videos. Same concept.

We are a close small group, but each one of you is trusted enough to be here. If you know and trust someone
that you feel would be a good fit with us, by all means let us know and we can add them to discord and get
them onto the server. We may open this up to a more "public" concept but by application process only.

This is a temporary place holder page for The Ominous Dark Minecraft group.

This page will contain links to important information pertain to the group, the pack, and everything inbetween.

Setting up MultiMC and the pack

Server Changelog

Mod List