The Ominous Dark Pack Setup

This is a temporary place holder page for The Ominous Dark Minecraft group.

This page will contain links to important information pertain to the group, the pack, and everything inbetween.

This will explain how to set up the pack step by step.

01] Get Multimc Here

02] Set up Multimc

03] Create a new Instance by clicking on the new for a new instance.

04] Name the instance whatever in the first line.

05] Where it says "1.11.2" click on the 3 ... next to it and pick "1.10.2".

06] Click "OK"

07] Now that the instance is created, right click on it and pick "Edit Instance".

08] Click on "Version" on the top left if not already selected.

09] On the right, click "Install Forge" and from the dropdown pick ""

10] On the left, pick "Settings" and make sure java is in the java line at the top. You have to have Java 8!

11] Check the memory button and put in your allocated memory. I HIGHLY suggest 6000min and 6000 max (6 gigs).

12] When done, click "Launch" on the bottom right. If all went well you now have multimc installed!

13] Close minecraft so you are back at the instance screen in Multimc.

14] To get the pack we need to install serversync. You can get it Here.

15] In multimc, right click on your instance, and choose, "Instance Folder". you should see two folders, minecraft and patches, click on minecraft folder.

16] Move the downloaded serversync.2.6.7.jar file into this folder. DO NOT put it in the mods folder!

17] Double click on the jar file. A small window should pop up with the IP of Close Serversync.

18] In the configs folder, there will be a serversync folder, inside of that, a "serversync-client.cfg", edit this with notepad.

19] Where it says, S:SERVER_IP=, change it to S:SERVER_IP= and save and close this.

20] Go back two folders so you see the serversync.2.6.7.jar file and run it again.

21] click on "Sync". This will download all the current up-to-date configs and mods you need to connect to the server.

22] When you see the "Have A Nice Day!" message close serversync.

23] Double click your instance in multimc. Let it load, this will take a while. If all went well, you now have the pack installed!

24] If you are whitelisted, create a multiplayer game and connect to " Enjoy the server!

IF serversync does not work for you, follow the directions below.

01] Download the pack here

02] Right click on the instance icon you created and select 'Instance Folder' and click it in Multimc.

03] You should see 2 folders, minecraft and patches. Click on minecraft. You now should see a bunch of folders and such.

04] Copy the rar file you downloaded in step one and copy it to this folder.

05] Right click on the rar file and choose 'Extract files here'. Choose to overwrite any files that exist when prompted.

06] See step 23 above.